Harrogate in Bloom is a voluntary group formed in 1989 with the aim of supporting Harrogate Borough Council to maintain the town's reputation for floral excellence. That aim has never wavered but in recent years, with reduced government funding to local councils, community support plays a much bigger part in the town.

Harrogate has won ever major In Bloom competition since they began more than forty years ago but in recent years the judging criteria places just as much emphasis on environmental responsibility and community participation as it does on horticulture. Although Harrogate in Bloom has always worked closely with other like-minded community groups it was decided in 2015 that this collaboration would be formally recognised by bringing together fifteen voluntary groups with the council to create Team Harrogate. Whilst all member groups will continue in their own right working on their own plans and ambitions, we come together under the umbrella of Team Harrogate when entering regional and national competitions.

This collaboration was recognised by the RHS Britain in Bloom judges who said: 'Harrogate demonstrated that it is still a flawless green town and now works closely with a range of volunteers to ensure that it's reputation is maintained.'

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