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About us

Harrogate has won every major ‘in bloom’ competition since the awards began more than forty years ago.

However, the criteria for the competitions have changed over the years and currently 40% marks are for horticulture, 30% marks are for environmental matters and 30% marks are for community matters. Bearing this in mind, in 2015 Harrogate in Bloom made a conscious effort to involve the like-minded community groups and named the group ‘Team Harrogate’.

In 2022 we found that other organisations are using the name ‘Team Harrogate’ and as we are now an established organisation including community groups, the Harrogate BID, the Harrogate Chamber of Commerce and North Yorkshire Council, we have decided to revert back to the original name of ‘Harrogate in Bloom’.


Harrogate judging 2022.jpg
Team Harrogate
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